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Monitor registration is now closed due to high demand

Medical Students, Residents, and Trainees:
Attend the Annual Meeting for FREE!

What is the Monitor Program?
The Monitor Program is an opportunity for students, residents, and trainees to volunteer their time, and in return receive FREE access to the largest gathering of child and adolescent psychiatrists in the world! This program allows Monitors to network with senior child and adolescent psychiatrists, as well as with other colleagues and friends in the field.

What does a Monitor do?
Monitors assist AACAP staff in running the meeting by checking badges and tickets to confirm attendance, providing help to speakers as needed, and distributing and collecting evaluation forms and/or other materials that speakers supply. Monitors are expected to attend a short training session before they perform their duties.

Why should I register as a Monitor?

  • FREE registration for all residents, trainees, and medical students
  • Six days of scientific content given by the top experts in the field
  • Customized programming, including a mentorship program
  • Networking opportunities with presenters and peers

Why should I become an AACAP member BEFORE registering as a Monitor?
Monitor Registration opens August 1 for AACAP members ONLY; nonmember registration opens one week later. All Monitors choose their own assignments through the registration system. Monitor assignments are the programs/presentations that you will be assisting at during the meeting. Increase your chances of getting the Monitor assignment that you want by becoming an AACAP member today! Hurry – the most popular assignments fill up FAST!

How do I register as a Monitor?
Registration for the Monitor Program will open on August 1 for AACAP members and on August 8 for nonmembers. You will register as a Monitor when you register for the Annual Meeting. The link to registration for Members is available on the Members Only page, under Member Resources, above. Your Monitor registration will allow you to choose your own Monitor assignments, and will register you for the Annual Meeting all in one process.

IMPORTANT: Non-members MUST contact AACAP's Meetings Department to receive a registration log-in ID and password BEFORE starting the Monitor registration process. Please email with the following information:

  • Your full name and contact information
  • Business Address
  • Phone Number
  • Primary Email Address
  • Name of training program or university
  • Proof of training or enrollment (letter from training director, class schedule, student ID card, etc.).
  • Type of program (undergrad, residency, fellowship, etc.)

We encourage nonmembers to contact AACAP's Meetings Department now to get a log-in created so that you may register on August 8. It can take 3-5 days for non-member log-in IDs to be created, so please contact AACAP's Meetings Department at as soon as possible.

AACAP's 2016 Monitor Webinar

If you have any questions about becoming a Monitor, please contact Savanna Gurney at 202.966.9518 or

Please request access to AACAP’s Monitor Facebook Group for up-to-date information and helpful hints between now and through the Annual Meeting!

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is the most under-served of all medical specialties. With 10% of America's youth suffering a severe psychiatric disorder, the need for qualified physicians, in addition to psychologists, social workers, special education teachers, and nurses who work with kids, is greater than ever before. This 10 minute film is produced by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Campaign for America's Kids documents a "day in the life" of four young and engaging child and adolescent psychiatrists. Watch the video, see what we do - join our ranks!