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Paramjit T. Joshi, MD
Paramjit T. Joshi, MD
AACAP Past President


It gives me great pride to welcome YOU, along with our international colleagues and friends, to AACAP's website!

We created this section of our website to help provide a place for the international community to find the resources and science needed to help promote the healthy development of children, adolescents, and families. It is also a great place to learn more about AACAP’s programs, products, and events. We hope you will explore the various features our site has to offer.

I encourage you to join in the celebration of the achievements of our specialty, the progress of our science, and the fellowship of our friends and colleagues. On behalf of AACAP, I am very pleased to welcome you – to our global community!

Very sincerely,

AACAP Awards

International Membership Opportunities

International Membership Opportunities
AACAP is a professional medical organization committed to leading its membership through collective action, peer support, continuing education, and mobilization of resources. Our diverse membership embodies the wide range of facets within the field of child and adolescent psychiatry including: research, training, advocacy, prevention, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, peer support, and collaboration. AACAP focuses on providing child and adolescent psychiatrists the resources they need in order to promote mentally healthy children, adolescents, and families.

Policy Statements

Policy Statements on Children's Mental Health Rights
Developed by AACAP's Committees, then approved by AACAP's Council, AACAP's Policy Statements reflect AACAP's voice on issues affecting the health of children, adolescents, and their families.

Practice Parameters

Practice Parameters
AACAP’s Practice Parameters are designed to assist clinicians in providing high quality assessment and treatment for children and adolescents that is consistent with the best available scientific evidence and clinical consensus. Each practice parameter makes specific recommendations based on a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of all available scientific data. Over 30 parameter topics are available to members and non-members.


Online Educational Resources
AACAP resources are at your fingertips, no matter where you live! We’re offering you the opportunity to virtually attend sessions from AACAP’s 63rd Annual Meeting to keep up-to-date on developments in the specialty.

Download the following complimentary sessions from AACAP’s Annual Meeting:

Want additional access? Purchase any of our session recordings online through AACAP’s Learning on Demand.

International Organizations

International Organizations
Find information and website contacts for international child and adolescent psychiatry organizations.

Calendar of Events

Upcoming Meetings
Find information on upcoming events.