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AACAP and the Ethics Committee have developed these resources to support the ethical practice of child and adolescent psychiatry. This section is designed as a practical resource for all practitioners working in the area of child and adolescent psychiatry, from medical students to experienced physicians. Child and adolescent psychiatry necessitates interaction with multiple parties, which may have competing values and interests. Educational materials by a variety of authors and links to other sites have been included on the site to provide useful information; the opinions are not necessarily those of the AACAP.

All of the information in the ethics section can be used to satisfy the AACAP membership ethics requirement.

Webinar - The Psychiatric Dimension of Neonatal Ethics
The objectives of the webinar are five-fold:

  1. An examination of a child and adolescent psychiatrist’s roles in the NICU;
  2. The ethical dimensions surrounding the roles with the application of AACAP’s Code of Ethics for guidance;
  3. Discussion of the impact of stress on parental decision making;
  4. Review the spectrum of shared decision making and the potential role of collaborative paternalism; and,
  5. Recommended indications for use and safeguards to consider if parents cannot or will not participate in critical decision making. Click here to access the webinar.

AACAP Ethics Requirement for Members

In 2008, AACAP Council decided to require ethics education due to the importance of ethics to the child and adolescent psychiatry practice. Child and adolescent psychiatrists routinely encounter ethical issues whether they are clinicians, researchers or administrators. The requirement is a marker/ reminder of the importance of ethics and that it is intrinsic to all areas of practice.

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