Skin Game: A MemoirSkin Game: A Memoir
Author: Caroline Kettlewell

Keywords: cutting, self-mutilation, non-suicidal self-injury

Caroline Kettlewell writes in Skin Game about her struggles with cutting. She gives a well-written and thoughtful account of the issues she faced in childhood and adolescence and how they might have led to her eventual use of non-suicidal self-injury as a form of fascination, self-punishment and maladaptive coping skill. Ms. Kettlewell also explains how she eventually was able to stop cutting, which could be helpful to individuals who struggle with this issue. Her account is remarkably honest, and really makes the reader understand what cutting did for her and why she eventually gave it up.

Audience: Late Adolescent, Adult

Warnings: Explicit and sometimes gory descriptions of cutting, should probably be read with the assistance of a knowledgeable therapist.