The Performance in Practice (PIP) component of MOC is a quality improvement program designed to improve practice over the 10-year MOC cycle. Each PIP unit consists of chart reviews, peer reviews, and patient reviews.

  1. Evidence of performance in practice - PIP
    1. Designed to evaluate whether or not physicians have shown improvement in the last ten years (this is done by a chart review and a second party external review) Participants will be required to complete three units consisting of both modules.

    2. The 1st PIP Unit must be completed in years 1-3 of the 10-year MOC cycle

    3. The 2nd PIP Unit must be completed in years 4-6 of the 10-year MOC cycle

    4. The 3rd PIP Unit must be completed in years 7-9 of the 10-year MOC cycle

    5. Clinical Modules (Chart Review)
      1. PIP clinical modules must use data obtained from or pertinent to a participant's personal clinical practice over the previous 3 year period and must evaluate at least five patient cases in a specific category (i.e. diagnoses, type of treatment, treatment setting)

      2. PIP modules must compare data from the clinical cases to best practices or practicing guidelines

      3. PIP modules must contain a minimum of 4 quality measures per activity

      4. PIP modules must require the development of a plan by the member to improve his/her performance

      5. PIP modules must reassess data from at least another five cases in the same specific category within 24 months similar to the original assessment

    6. Feedback Modules (Patient/Peer Second Party External Review)
      1. PIP assessment modules must be based on feedback from at least five peers and five patients over the previous three years

      2. PIP modules must provide performance feedback to the participant concerning improvement in the effectiveness and/or efficiency of their practice as it relates to the core competencies

      3. PIP modules must present feedback from at least another five peers and patients within 24 months similar to that provided in the original assessment

Performance in Practice (PIP) Tools (Available to Members Only)
AACAP's Lifelong Learning Committee has developed a series of checklists and surveys to help fulfill the PIP component of your maintenance of certification requirements.