This award recognizes the author of the best new research poster presented at the AACAP Annual Meeting. The author must be a child and adolescent psychiatry resident at an accredited institution and AACAP member. The award provides a $1,000 honorarium. The recipient will receive a plaque at the Young Leader Awards Ceremony during the AACAP Annual Meeting, October 26 - October 31, 2015 in San Antonio, TX.


  • must be a child and adolescent psychiatry resident
  • must attend an accredited institution
  • must be an AACAP member
  • must attend and present a new research poster at the 2015 AACAP Annual Meeting

There is no application process for this award. The AACAP Program Committee will review all new research poster submissions by child and adolescent psychiatry residents to determine the recipient of this award. The recipient will be notified through an acceptance letter. Non-recipients will not be notified.

To ensure that your poster is considered for this award, please submit a Call for Papers application form. New Research Poster submitters may use the late deadline of June 15, 2015.

AACAP reserves the right to waive liabilities.